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Intellectual property management


Intellectual property (IP) is as indispensable for a company’s success as innovation itself. Proper IP management can significantly improve a company’s position on the market, help it stand out from its competitors and increase its value. IP management is particularly important at the interface between science and industrial research, where progress often depends on technology transfer. To help you optimize your IP management and discuss best practices, we invite you to join our half-day workshop dedicated to this highly relevant subject.


Workshop topics

Our workshop participants will become acquainted with the general framework and success factors for efficient IP management. Presentations will feature practical examples from the industry that are as interesting as they are diverse. In “break-out” sessions, participants will be able to contribute their own questions to the dialogue. The workshop will conclude with practical tips on how to review and pragmatically (continue to) develop one’s own IP strategy.

  • Global trends in IP Management
  • Value generation through IP management
  • Basic terms and safeguards
  • Implementation of property rights in other countries, dealing with disputes
  • Evaluation of technologies and patents
  • Patent strategy and patent management
  • IP management in R&D collaborations
  • Licensing and exploitation
  • Patent portfolio management, internal policies
  • Cost optimization, handling of a few legally protected patents
  • Weaknesses and practical measures to overcome them
  • Instruments against piracy and counterfeiting
  • IP management and patent protection in an international context

Workshop agenda

8:00 am                   Arrival 

8.15 am                   Welcome remarks

8:20 am                   Introduction: Importance of IP Management

8:40 am                   Legal basics 

9:10 am                   IP Management in practice: Formation and evaluation of IP


9:45 am                   Company's example 1 

10:15 am                 IP Management in practice: Practical implementation of IP

11:15 am                 Company's example 2

11:45 am                 Discussion in "break-out" sessions

Snak break

12:30 pm                Q&A session and discussion

12:50 pm                Conclusions & Take aways


Axel Stellbrink

Axel Stellbrink

Axel Stellbrink is the founder and managing director of Patentanwaltskanzlei Stellbrink & Partner, a firm specializing in patent law. For more than 25 years, he has been advising companies, universities and institutions on the subject of industrial property rights in Europe, the USA, Israel, China, Japan and Korea.

Dr. Markus Fiechter

Dr. Markus Fiechter

Dr. Markus Fiechter, LL.M., is a lawyer and a partner at VOSER AG dealing with business law and intellectual property law. He advises start-up ventures and established firms in these areas.

Andrea Foglia

Andrea Foglia

Andrea Foglia, a Technology Transfer Manager at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), advises scientists and researchers in the areas of intellectual property, cooperation with the industry, commercialization, law and licensing.


8:00 - 13:00





The participation fee is 200 CHF (plus VAT) per person. The second participant from the same organization will receive a 50% discount. For PARK INNOVAARE partners, shareholders and resident companies the event is free of charge. The number of participants is limited. Please write us at or fill out the form below to register.

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