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Up in the sky at THE TERRACE


Drones are creating a lot of buzz nowadays. Why not to buzz at our TERRACE?

  • Drones are creating a lot of buzz nowadays. Why not to buzz at our TERRACE?

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Drones are one of the most buzzing vehicles today. You see them more and more often and when you don’t see them you might hear them flying nearby. It goes without saying that a trend like this made it to THE TERRACE, our monthly informal networking event for the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and FHNW members, as well as for all others interested in PARK INNOVAARE and the exciting development here on the spot. We thought our guests would enjoy learning how to fly a drone and we were not mistaken.

On Wednesday, August 2, 2017, the 4th event out of “THE TERRACE” series took place. We met our friends and colleagues from the Institute and the region to enjoy a summer evening. It was a pleasure for us to welcome our regulars and those who came for the first time.

As at every TERRACE this summer, our guests were surprised by a co-host. After Tesla, ZurzibietRegio and Koboldgames, we invited a team of experienced drone pilots from Fly & Film Drone Academy: Frédéric Hemmeler, Yann Mathier and Michell Bohrer. They presented a large drone (40 kg) for professional use and told more about drone applications. They also brought a number of smaller species and showed how to fly them elegantly as well as safely within our 60 m2 event room (which, by the way, can be rented for your seminars, meetings, and events) as well as through our garden, doing nice pirouettes and some other tricky manoeuvres. With one of the drones equipped with a camera connected to special eyeglasses, our guests could get a perfect feeling of what a drone flying really means.

Just like at the previous events, our guests could participate in a raffle. Thanks to the team from Fly & Film Drone Academy two of them, Dr. Jose Mardegan and Dr. Mostafa Shalaby, from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), won a drone flight training course (worth 199 CHF each). We are looking forward to sharing their experience later.

Thank you, everybody, for dropping in. It was a pleasure to see you at deliveryLAB.

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