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Corporate Innovation Makeover: Excubation rules for the core business

This blog post is dedicated to the final three Excubation rules, and thus concludes our Corporate Innovation Makeover series. These three rules focus on...

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Corporate Innovation Makeover: Excubation rules 3 and 4

Building on the excubation conversation we started in this blog series, and having introduced first two rules of the approach, we dive here into the next...

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Dr. Markus Anding: "We are trying to find innovative ways to innovate."

Interview with Dr. Markus Anding, co-founder and Managing Director at Excubate Corporate Startups In our highly competitive world, companies need to...

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Corporate Innovation Makeover: First two rules of excubation

In the previous publication, we introduced excubation as the new approach to corporate innovation. It consists of seven critical rules which, if sufficiently...

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Corporate Innovation Needs a Major Makeover – the 7 Rules of Excubation

For years, corporations have been going after the holy grail of innovation. The challenge of finding the right approach has now become even tougher as...

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