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Breakthrough Innovation: not a luxury but a necessity

“If things are not failing, you are not being innovative enough”, says Elon Musk, probably the most famous innovator today. But how do you get from...

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Choosing between Lean Development, Agile Development and Systems Engineering

Approaches to improving product development processes are manifold, e.g. Lean Development, Agile Development or Systems Engineering. Much discussed, all...

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How can KPI steer your innovation process?

PARK INNOVAARE works at the interface of technology-driven companies and public research, such as at the nearby Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). In one of...

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Technology as a Tool for Drug Discovery Innovation

Interview with Dr. Oliver Nayler, Head of Cardiovascular & Fibrosis Biology at Actelion Pharmaceutical Ltd. Actelion Pharmaceutical Ltd. is the leading...

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Practical innovation approach for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Innovation can create competitive advantages for small start-ups as well as global firms and any companies in-between. While small and medium enterprises...

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Breakthrough Innovation: three perspectives on what many strive to achieve

Breakthrough innovation! Many companies from all over the world invest brain power and money to achieve it. During our last session of INNOVATION in PRACTICE,...

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