Industry 4.0

INNOVATION in PRACTICE (Session 2): Process innovations have the potential to change industries

Having in mind the big innovation cases like Apple iTunes which made music ubiquitous or many others, process innovation could be seen like step-child...

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How do industrial companies use large research facilities for their R&D? PARK INNOVAARE is launching a survey

The large research facilities operated by the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI enable a wide range of methods for materials analysis (solids, powder, crystals...

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Socio-technical thinking: a prerequisite for innovation

Much is being said today about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In light of recent leaps in technology, ground-breaking changes are expected to happen...

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Competitive advantages are found in heads and hands – not in technology

Industry 4.0 is a label for technological developments that are expected to trigger an industrial transformation (more info:, German)....

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