Advanced materials and processes

Workshop: “Use of large research facilities in R&D in cement and concrete applications”

Cement and concrete are widely used in many areas and in different environments. The innovation of these materials leads to new solutions in engineering,...

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ning about Metal-Organic Frameworks from the best

The second European Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Porous Polymers (EUROMOF2017) will take place this year October 29 – November 1...

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Accelerator technology creates new products

Prof. Dr. Leonid Rivkin, Deputy Director at the Paul Scherrer Institute, explains how accelerator technology will continue to generate groundbreaking innovations...

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Efficient gas storage thanks to Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

A quick thought experiment: imagine you take an empty gas cylinder and fill it up with a solid material. Et voilà, now the gas tank can store even more...

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Emerging applications of modular nanomaterials

When, back in 1999, the journal Nature published a letter about a material with a surface area of 2900 square meters in a single gram, many people believed...

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Innovation needs an organized anarchy

By Daniel Kündig, CEO innovAARE AG and Dr. Hubert Zimmermann, VRP innovAARE AG. Innovation can not be planned. Recent insights show that successful...

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