Renewable energy

Sustainable energy to power Park Innovaare’s innovation campus

Park Innovaare’s heating and cooling systems will be based on renewable resources. Approximately 95% of Park Innovaare's 38,000 m2heating requirements...

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Methanation – the key to the natural gas grid

Today, the natural gas grid is used for distributing natural gas and a minor fraction of biomethane. They are used in high thermal processes in industry,...

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Maximum energy out of organic wet wastes

The efforts to find alternatives to coal and oil are resulting in a rising demand for green energy sources. Organic waste could be one of them. However,...

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Bioenergy for a “greener” grid

Bioenergy grid integration: Demonstrating the value of a combined heat and power district heating unit based on a wood pellet gasifier in the future energy...

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Energy Storage System – a driver of the future of energy

Energy storage has a broad scope of application: it covers not only the entire field of power generation, transmission, and distribution but also extends...

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Energy is in the air

It is hard to imagine today’s world without energy: our everyday life, our economies and our future depend on it. That is why it is crucial to find sustainable...

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