Electron diffraction, ED

Novel Accelerators for Electron Diffraction workshop at PARK INNOVAARE

Understanding how matter creates life requires observing living cells with atomic detail. There are many ways to do so, but one possibility has been gaining...

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Breakthrough in the characterization of nano-powder samples using Electron Diffraction

Electron Diffraction (ED, sometimes called electron crystallography) is an evolving technique – one that will probably be a good complementary technique...

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Two well-known techniques + new application field = breakthrough of the year

This fall, Dr. Tim Grüne from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) together with Crystallise! AG published the results of their joint project, presenting...

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Electron diffraction opens new possibilities for structure-based drug discovery

Modern pharmaceutical development is tailored to the chemical and physical characteristics of active organic compounds. The reason why the atomic structure...

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The value of the absolute structure

The exact knowledge and understanding of a molecule’s structure underpin all the substantial progress in chemical, agrarian and pharmaceutical research....

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