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Together with leadXpro, SRF camera team visits the SwissFEL accelerator

On the occasion of the official launch of Switzerland Innovation Park in Bern last Monday, 18th of January 2016, SRF Tagesschau camera team visited PARK INNOVAARE and one of here established companies, namely leadXpro AG. Dr. Michael Hennig, the company’s CEO, showed the reporters a 740-meter long tunnel where the SwissFEL, a new flagship particle accelerator, will be installed: “A lot of new installations are to be done here, but as soon as all the work is finished we will be able to produce an extremely bright light allowing further research of structures in sub-nanometer regime and discovery of new protein based drugs”.

The decision to establish a company within the new innovation park, was not a hazard: leadXpro AG needs access to the Paul Scherrer Institute’s (PSI) facilities to conduct the research essential for the company’s development and success. This direct proximity to the PSI is a key factor of PARK INNOVAARE’s success and an integral part of its vision.