A national network of innovation parks

Switzerland Innovation


For years, Switzerland has been the most innovative country in the world (Global Innovation Index). Among the key success elements for this are Swiss universities and research institutions. Yet, to produce marketable products and services, Swiss universities must have the best possible links to the economy.

This is where Switzerland Innovation comes in. It is made up of six sites nationwide: Park Basel Area, Park Biel/Bienne, PARK INNOVAARE, Park OstPark Network West EPFL, and Park Zurich. The platform it provides enables domestic and international companies of all kinds to advance their research activities in partnership with Swiss universities and higher-education institutions. This exchange between science and industry fosters the further development of ideas – making it possible to produce products and services that can be marketed successfully. At the same time, the opportunity to work together closely at a single location accelerates the development processes for all the parties involved. This leads to successful innovation.


Switzerland Innovation has the following objectives:

  • Realize successful R&D collaborations between private companies, Swiss universities, and other research partners
  • Generate domestic and foreign R&D investment
  • Localize domestic and foreign companies and research partners that will create jobs and develop new marketable products, services, and processes
  • Create a platform to accelerate the development of research results into marketable solutions
  • Create attractive conditions for research groups and start-ups as catalysts for the localization of established companies
  • Secure our attractiveness and competitiveness by means of clear competence profiles at the sites as well as excellent conditions and services for our customers


Innovation site PARK INNOVAARE at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is one of the founding members of the national network of innovation parks Switzerland Innovation. PARK INNOVAARE and its resident companies thus benefit from the unique financial and business development support offered by the network. This includes the Swiss federal guarantee – a framework credit of 350 million Swiss francs to be used as collateral for earmarked loans needed to finance research infrastructure (equipment, facilities) – as well as land use, international marketing activities, and the Switzerland Innovation brand.

Switzerland Innovation


In 2012, the Swiss Parlament approved the total revision of the Research and Innovation Promotion Act (RIPA), thereby creating the legal framework for a nationwide network of innovation parks under the name of Switzerland Innovation. PARK INNOVAARE is the result of an application submitted by the Canton of Aargau, with the support of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), in response to the call for tenders issued by the Conference of Cantonal Directors of Economic Affairs (VDK) to join the network. Thanks to its unique focus and research areas, PARK INNOVAARE is making a significant contribution to the success of the country's initiative to secure its innovation potential. In 2016, five legally independent sites (innovation parks) all over the country and the national organizing institutions (Foundation) formed Switzerland Innovation.