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Sustainable energy to power Park Innovaare’s innovation campus

Author: With thanks to Daniel Leber (ERNE AG) for contributing to this article
Sustainable Energy Production at Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare
Sustainable Energy Production at Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

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Park Innovaare’s heating and cooling systems will be based on renewable resources.

Approximately 95% of Park Innovaare's 38,000 m2heating requirements will be produced through waste heat recovery while 5% will be provided through PSI’s district heating network.

A hybrid re-cooling system installed on the campus roof will source water from the nearby Aare River to cool the innovation campus during transitional seasons. In the summer, if the river’s water becomes too warm, gas will be used instead.


Solar Panels on Building Facade


Solar power

Solar panels installed on the roof and on the building façades are projected to have an output of 790kWp, corresponding to an energy yield of around 645,000kWh. This energy will primarily be consumed by Park Innovaare.

Four 1000kVA transformers will supply Park Innovaare with electrical energy and be powered by PSI’s West sub-station. Thanks to its optimized energy production and consumption, Park Innovaare will have 2880 kW of electricity at its disposal.

Sustainable Energy Resources at Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare


Highly energy-efficient building envelope

In relation to energy efficiency, the innovation campus buildings will meet standard SIA380/1 defined by Switzerland’s Engineering and Architecture Association. The envelope of the buildings will also meet the Swiss MINERGIE standard. Most of the building envelope will be made of wood, a material that is both renewable and CO2 neutral.

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