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Research and financial services

With the goal of promoting innovation, PARK INNOVAARE offers a broad range of research services for companies, for example:

  • Coordinating and ensuring access to the facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), and to other research institutions, such as Empa and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute
  • Assistance in applying for Cantonal and Federal research funding and business loans for resident companies or companies planning to relocate to Switzerland Innovation PARK INNOVAARE
  • Cooperation with the Cantonal economic promotion agency Aargau Services, who provide administrative support for companies relocating to the region
  • Providing access to venture capital
  • Developing business cases and concepts and creating links between companies and research and innovation platforms to help develop
  • assistance in business case concept development, and business realization (networking, access to newest technologies and research results)

Thus, PARK INNOVAARE is a single point of contact and a service-oriented mediator between companies, organizations, and financing institutes.

Rental services

Despite unlimited possibilities of modern telecommunications, for successful innovation it is still crucial that academic and industrial research remain in close proximity to one another. Therefore, it is of a key importance for PARK INNOVAARE to be located next door to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and its large research facilities, thus offering new and relocating companies a unique opportunity to work there on a day to day basis.

At PARK INNOVAARE it is possible to rent high-quality office facilities for permanent or temporary use (co-working spaces). The on-site services are designed to enable resident companies to concentrate on their core business. A dedicated team of staff with access to extensive technical equipment makes this possible.

For further information and availability please contact us on info@parkinnovaare.ch.

AAT Office

Conference Services

The newly opened deliveryLAB, PARK INNOVAARE’s meeting location, houses a bar and three high-quality meeting and event rooms: EVENT, BOARD and CONFERENCE, all of which can be rented on a daily or half-day basis at attractive conditions. Equipped with modern presentation technology (including a state-of-the-art LCD touch screen, BenQ wireless projector, Barco ClickShare system, and a conference telephone), the deliveryLAB satisfies the requirement for a modern and service-oriented meeting environment.

The deliveryLAB is managed by a multilingual team, and, in addition to its attractive infrastructure, offers a number of useful support services such as moderation and documentation, as well as reception and organization services.

For further information and availability please contact booking@parkinnovaare.ch

EVENT room

The EVENT room is located on the ground-floor of the deliveryLAB and offers a direct access to the terrace and the bar. It is a partially open room that is perfect for presentations, seminars, and festive gatherings.

EVENT room (1)
EVENT room (2)
EVENT room (3)
BOARD room (1)
BOARD room (2)

Career Services

PARK INNOVAARE not only assesses numerous business cases but also concepts for consulting services, such as personnel services that are particularly tailored to the specific needs of scientists. There is a demand for these services. Over 1,900 researchers and scientists work at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) alone, not to mention many guest researchers from all over the world. Every year, more than 150 PhD and postdoc scientists leave the walls of the Institute in order to pursue a career in the research and development departments in the world of industry.

The extremely high concentration of scientific excellence in one location makes PARK INNOVAARE a leading international innovation center. In the future, PARK INNOVAARE will have the chance to offer the highly qualified experts who work here career opportunities on site and to retain their potential for generating added value within the region and within Switzerland. Consulting services will also be provided here. In this way, PARK INNOVAARE will help to combat the skills shortage in Switzerland.