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PARK INNOVAARE: regional economic impact of the fast-growing innovation ecosystem

Already 8 high-tech companies found their home at PARK INNOVAARE's deliveryLAB
Already 8 high-tech companies found their home at PARK INNOVAARE's deliveryLAB

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Starting with two technology companies in September 2015, PARK INNOVAARE has shown quite a positive development so far. Today, PARK INNOVAARE counts a total of 8 highly innovative companies among its residents. These companies do not only work on innovative technologies and breakthrough projects, but also contribute to the local economic development.

Within one year, PARK INNOVAARE has developed into a promising element in the innovation system of the Canton of Aargau and Switzerland. The partnerships with the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, the Hightech Zentrum Aargau, the Technopark Aargau and the cantonal development and promotion association Aargau Services bring advantages to all parties. And as a driver of “Switzerland Innovation”, the network of Swiss innovation parks, PARK INNOVAARE is also a pacemaker on the national level.

Besides having established its team and operations, PARK INNOVAARE has grown its number of resident companies: from three as per end of 2015, up to eight (February 2017).

  1. Advanced Accelerator Technologies AG is a systems provider for particle accelerators, serving a growing global market for systems designed for scientific and industrial use. Founded in April 2015, at PARK INNOVAARE since September 2015.
  2. leadXpro AG specializes in membrane proteins. Its objective is to develop and optimize medical substances. Founded in Dec. 2015, at PARK INNOVAARE since December 2015.
  3. nomoko AG is developing a new technology for extremely high resolution cameras (up to 2 gigapixels) for versatile virtual reality applications. Founded in June 2015, at PARK INNOVAARE since December 2015.
  4. Excelsus Structural Solutions AG offers analytical services with the aim of improving the selection, development and production of high-quality (bio-)pharmaceutical products. Founded in February 2014, at PARK INNOVAARE since April 2016.
  5. InterAx Biotech AG supports the discovery of new functionally-selective medicines by setting up a technology platform based on biosensors. Founded in April 2016, at PARK INNOVAARE since April 2016.
  6. Swiss Hydrogen SA develops clean energy solutions based on hydrogen for a variety of applications allowing for zero-emission electricity production. Founded in 2008, at PARK INNOVAARE since January 2017.
  7. novoMOF AG has developed an innovative process for producing metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), very porous materials that are specifically tuned for various applications such as chemtech, cleantech and energy. Founded in February 2017, at PARK INNOVAARE since February 2017.
  8. Crystallise! AG is a young company that provides crystallographic services for identifying small molecule compounds and addresses the chemical, pharmaceutical and agro-industries. Founded in September 2014, to be at PARK INNOVAARE starting in April 2017.

Thus, the site is not only beneficiary for technology development in the most relevant future topics, but also attracts foreign investments and generates new jobs. All in all, through PARK INNOVAARE and its residents’ activities, 26 new positions of employment have been established. The companies have raised over 3.8 million Swiss francs of venture capital and secured three CTI projects. In addition to that, the emerging ecosystem generates more than 250,000 Swiss francs of purchasing volume for roughly 20 cantonal suppliers.

At the same time, however, these achievements require funding. The most important basis for PARK INNOVAARE’s development has been the outstanding support of the cantonal economy. As the organizing institution and operating company, innovAARE AG is for the most part privately financed (53% share capital). A total of 32 companies will already be securing the lion's share of the financing (78%) by 2024. At present, innovAARE AG is preparing for a capital increase. Interested companies are welcome to contact us at: