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The Canton of Aargau is one of the strongest economic regions in Switzerland, surrounded by Zurich, Basel, Bern, and Lucerne, and is therefore the perfect environment for innovative and research-oriented companies. With 40,000 businesses and over 300,000 employees, it offers the best conditions for economic success and a high standard of living.

Companies and their employees settled in the Canton of Aargau benefit from a high standards of living, that includes a rich public transport infrastructure, efficient network of real estate, attractive taxation and reliable political stability. Together with the cultural and educational centers, it makes the Canton of Aargau an amazing place to live and to work.

Transport Connections

Aargau is in a unique location with excellent transport connections offering the following advantages:

  • A central location between the international airports in Zurich and Basel, both of which can be reached within an hour.
  • Easy access by car via main north-south and east-west traffic routes, which intersect in the Canton of Aargau.
  • A dense transport network (roads and public transport) with links to European traffic routes and short travel distance to Germany

Companies benefit from short distances to both customers and partners as well as direct access to international transport routes.

Transport Connections


The availability of attractive real estate is an important factor when choosing a business location.

The communities around PARK INNOVAARE will be able to provide living space for around 12,000 additional inhabitants within less than five kilometers of the site by 2040. The land required has already been zoned off for this purpose. In addition, the nearby attractive urban centers of Baden and Brugg also draw people to the region.

Thus, the Canton of Aargau is the perfect location for your company and offers an excellent standard of living.


For years, the Canton of Aargau has enjoyed political stability, high levels of safety, and crime rates that are close to zero. Aargau’s authorities work in close cooperation with companies and residents, thus ensuring social and economic stability – the basis for the region’s sustainable development.

Job Market

Aargau’s economy is characterized by an above-average proportion of high-tech companies ranging from internationally aligned industrial corporations to highly specialized SMEs. This, together with its location, the commitment of a strong government to supporting economic success, and an unemployment rate below the national average, makes Aargau’s job market one of the most promising in the country.

Here, 42,000 companies employ around 320,000 employees in six industries: energy and electrical engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, plastics, mechanical engineering and the metal industry, and information and communication technology.

The percentage of workers in Aargau active in research and development is twice as high as in the rest of Switzerland.

Job Market

Education and culture

The Canton of Aargau offers a network of educational institutes, from kindergartens, elementary schools, and international schools to renowned research institutions and universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs, such as the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and the nearby Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and the University of Zurich.

PARK INNOVAARE and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) provide the best conditions for young working parents: the PSI’s day-care center is located next door to the institute. Several international educational centers, such as Children’s World day care and the International School Rheinfelden (ISRH), will make the children’s integration easier while also providing Swiss quality education.

The Canton of Aargau is also considered to be an idyllic place to live, with many recreational areas, historic small towns, and a wide range of events.

Being a cultural center in its own right, the Canton of Aargau also offers its residents a rich variety of entertainment. The internationally renowned Aargauer Kunsthaus in Aarau houses a comprehensive collection of Swiss art, and the Museum Langmatt in Baden has a large collection of impressionist and contemporary works of art. The Kurtheater Baden, many other theatres, and the local restaurants make going out in Aargau delightful and exciting.


The opportunities for sport and wellness-promoting activities are unlimited in Aargau. The Canton is home to the largest network of cycling paths in Switzerland, over 1,500 kilometers of hiking trails, and several golf courses, while the spas in Rheinfelden, Baden, Bad Zurzach, and Schinznach, provide the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.

The PSI Sport Club – – open to those who work at PARK INNOVAARE – offers a wide range of activities, from yoga and running to football and volleyball. It is the perfect solution for employees with a busy schedule, allowing them to practice sport during the lunch break.


The Canton of Aargau has an attractive tax policy. It offers not only lower levels of business tax compared to the Swiss average, but also a number of tax deductions for businesses and individuals, special privileged taxation for certain legal forms, and family-friendly income tax. In addition to low taxes, the Canton of Aargau has reliable, solution-oriented authorities.


Living costs

Companies and individuals in the Canton of Aargau benefit from a healthy economic environment. The cost of living is about 15 % lower than in the vicinity of Zurich and Basel, with corresponding positive effects on disposable income.