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PARK INNOVAARE looking for new CEO


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After almost three years, the advisory mandate of Blauhut AG for innovAARE AG will expire on 31 March 2018. Preparations are now underway to pass the baton to a new CEO. Suitable candidates are invited to apply for the position.

Since mid-2013, Blauhut AG has been developing PARK INNOVAARE as the Aargau site of the Swiss innovation park "Switzerland Innovation" – first within the scope of its mandate for the Canton of Aargau and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and, since the establishment of the supporting organization and operating company innovAARE AG in May 2015, in the mandate for the site management corporation. The mandate includes the strategic site development and the management of the operational business.

The task aims at building up a leading innovation site with an international reputation and is being monitored closely by the business, scientific and political communities in the Canton of Aargau and in Switzerland. In this context, major milestones have been reached:

  • To date, nine technology companies have settled at PARK INNOVAARE. A comprehensive pipeline of promising cases and potential spin-offs is in development.
  • The application for permission to build the new buildings, planned to cover a main usable area of 36,000 sqm, was filed in March 2017. Intentions to rent have already been obtained for more than 75% of the area.
  • PARK INNOVAARE was firmly established on the national level as the Aargau site of the Swiss innovation park "Switzerland Innovation", which also includes four other sites in Basel, Biel, Lausanne, and Zurich.
  • As the site sponsor of PARK INNOVAARE, innovAARE AG is broadly supported by a strong sponsorship of more than 35 shareholders representing the business, research, and public communities.

In accordance with the long-term planning and due to the PARK INNOVAARE's excellent state of development, the mandate of Blauhut AG will expire on March 31, 2018. In light of the above circumstances, and with a considerable advance notice, preparations are now underway for passing the baton to a new CEO.

A three-member selection committee has been formed by innovAARE AG that will be supported by Boyden global executive search AG, a personnel consultancy. At present, the search is being carried out in the form of public advertisements and personal invitations to apply. Plans are to have a long list compiled by the end of October. Then interviews with the candidates will begin.

Blauhut AG's PARK INNOVAARE mandate also includes setting up a business office team. This team, having been set up, now successfully works in the areas of attracting businesses, innovation case development, marketing and business office management. The team, likewise having been employed by Blauhut AG so far, will also change over to permanent employment with innovAARE AG as per April 1, 2018.

Daniel Kündig, VRP of Blauhut AG, who has served as CEO since the company was founded, will still continue to advise innovAARE AG for up to six months, leading the efforts that will result in the handover. This will optimally ensure the continuation of the development and consolidation work and well position innovAARE AG for the future.

About the mandatee:Daniel Kündig, Architekt ETH SIA BSA, VRP Blauhut AG und im Mandat CEO innovAARE AG.

Daniel Kündig, Architekt ETH SIA BSA, VRP Blauhut AG and in mandate CEO innovAARE AG.

Blauhut was founded in Zurich in 1999 as a medium-sized independent consulting firm called SwissSpaGroup AG; since 2017 it has been operating under the name of Blauhut AG. The name Blauhut (meaning "blue hat") refers to thinking outside the box. In all its actions, the company takes a holistically system-oriented approach. The specialists at Blauhut are experts for complex innovation projects and real estate developments. With 13 employees at the headquarters in Zurich and at the external site in Villigen, the company manages consulting and development mandates for private, institutional and public clients in Switzerland and in neighboring countries.