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PARK INNOVAARE extends its lab space and acquires more office space on the PSI site


PARK INNOVAARE and leadXpro: ready for further growth.

  • PARK INNOVAARE and leadXpro: ready for further growth.

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Already eight high-tech companies have joined PARK INNOVAARE, an innovation park located just a stone’s throw away from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). Active in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, material, high-precision engineering and construction, imaging and optics industries, these companies need the best possible conditions to operate. This includes available modern laboratories and office space.

One of PARK INNOVAARE’s biotech start-ups, leadXpro AG, has already moved to the new lab at the Paul Scherrer Institute. “By moving into the new labs and offices provided by PARK INNOVAARE, leadXpro is tripling its space to accommodate the enlarged team and provide much improved working conditions,” says Michael Hennig, CEO leadXpro AG.

This shows that for many young companies as well as for R&D units of big enterprises, accessible and state-of-the art lab and office space is critical. Although the market offers a lot of opportunities, the possibility to work directly on the campus of a university or a research institute, such as the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), is rare. That is where PARK INNOVAARE comes into play. With its brand-new, highly modern “deliveryLAB” (400 sqm of office and communication space), it offers companies a chance to relocate and to work more closely together with the PSI, Switzerland’s biggest research center for the natural and engineering sciences.

Responding to the current needs of its resident companies, PARK INNOVAARE has extended its space. Today, the space and service offering comprises:

  • 3 x 38 sqm offices in the deliveryLAB (of which one unit is still available, fully equipped and serviced)
  • 200 sqm of laboratories (of which is one separate unit of 50 sqm is available for rent)
  • 6 co-working desks in the deliveryLAB, for temporary or short-term users
  • available on request (short term): 80 sqm office, fully equipped and serviced
  • co-working areas will soon be expanded to 100 sqm.

The labs are located at the PSI lab facilities, right next door to the Institute’s biochemical laboratories and as such, embedded in an environment with some cutting-edge hardware, including microscopes, centrifuges and cooling hardware, among other things.

In the meantime, the new PARK INNOVAARE campus is being planned and will be built by 2020. By then, altogether, 35,000 square meters of total story area will be created in the first phase. Of that, about 7,000 square meters will be for workshops and special laboratories (physics, wet chemistry and biology) and 1,300 square meters for clean rooms. Seventy percent of the space is already reserved.

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leadXpro sets up in its new labs.

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