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Nomoko AG wins the ZKB TECHNOPARK® Pioneer Award 2016

Nomoko AG's happy team
Nomoko AG's happy team

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Nomoko AG, one of the first high-tech companies in PARK INNOVAARE, has every reason to celebrate. Last Tuesday, 12th April 2016, it was awarded the ZKB TECHNOPARK® Pioneer Award 2016, one of the most important innovation prizes in Switzerland.

The ZKB TECHNOPARK® Pioneer Award honors societally relevant technological innovations which – thanks to pioneering entrepreneurial achievements – are about to be launched on the market. The award is endowed with CHF 98,696.04, a figure that represents 10,000 times 2 (pi squared). nomoko AG faced strong competition this year. 130 companies submitted their projects.

New opportunities for the 3D-modelling

Nomoko AG is currently developing an extremely high resolution camera. Its goal is to build 1-gigapixel reflex, that will provide 20 times better image resolution that any existing today professional photo camera. Image like this continues 50 times more information, thus opening new opportunities for the 3D-modelling. The technology can be applied in numerous fields, from virtual reality and entertainment industry to robotic and simulations.

PARK INNOVAARE congratulates Nomoko AG and its multinational team and is looking forward to new innovations.