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Event Report: Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Author: Nils Gebhardt, PARK INNOVAARE

IP Management: High-Level Speakers sharing their expertise

  • IP Management: High-Level Speakers sharing their expertise

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Intellectual property (IP) can make up the lion’s share of a venture, especially if the IP can be categorized as belonging to the field of high tech, research & development or science. That’s reason enough to deal with it professionally.

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, as part of its event format “INNOVATION in PRACTICE”, PARK INNOVAARE organized a special event addressing the protection and effective management of intellectual property – the event was a total success. In a discussion that was as intense as it was informed, 30 participants from industry and science showed they were taking full advantage of this opportunity to dialogue with the experts.

As it is described by experts, in many cases the patent system is not yet being handled professionally, partly due to a lack of information and partly because the protection of intellectual property is not yet being given the high importance it requires. Too often, for example, it is observed that strategically important protection options are not utilized due to short-term cost considerations. A glance at the fate of the European solar industry, which has driven many developments but has since been superseded by other, sometimes imitating, companies established on the market later on, shows the consequences of a lack of effective strategy for protecting intellectual property.

This is a clear indication that it makes sense to deal with the subtleties of the patent system and of the management of intellectual property.

As part of the half-day workshop, participants were familiarized with the framework conditions and success factors for successful IP management.

Among those present were Axel Stellbrink (patent lawyer, Stellbrink & Partner, Munich), Dr. Markus Fiechter (lawyer, Voser, Baden) and Andrea Foglia (technology transfer expert, PSI). Special attention was given to high-profile contributions from the industry. Dr. Hubert Witte, Head Patents at Roche in Basel, and Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann, Senior Counsel Patents at GE Power in Baden, provided insight into corporate practices and added to the following topics:

  • Global trends in IP management
  • Generating value through efficient IP management (read more, Interview)
  • Patent strategy and patent management
  • IP management in R&D collaborations
  • Licensing and exploitation
  • Portfolio management of patents, internal policies
  • Cost optimization
  • Typical vulnerabilities and practical measures for overcoming them (streamlining of business processes, requests for accelerated processing, picking countries, strengthening the legal validity of patents)
  • IP management and patent protection in the international context

Breakout sessions gave participants the opportunity to contribute their own questions. Practical tips on how to review and pragmatically (further) develop one’s own IP strategy concluded the workshop.

A follow-up event is being planned.

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