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TLD Photonics sees opportunities in prototyping and networking

Author: Daniela Muthreich
TLD Photonics signed contract
Romain Carrero, Marco Guilherme, Robert Rudolph, Bojan Resan, Florian Gegier

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TLD Photonics is leasing a makerspace at Park Innovaare for 2024. Prof. Bojan Resan, co-founder and CTO of TLD Photonics, signed a contract and sees advantages in the combination of state-of-the-art cleanrooms, prototype workshops and an inspiring network.

TLD Photonics views Park Innovaare not only for the usual benefits of an innovation hub such as shared meeting rooms and restaurant-cafeteria areas but also as an opportunity to connect with leading scientists from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and other already established companies, exploring collaboration possibilities. Prof. Bojan Resan emphasizes, « Park Innovaare is the appropriate interface, connecting industry and academia, thereby promoting project realization on both fronts. The exchange between industry and science also opens up strategic partnerships and access to potential customers. » Starting in 2024, TLD Photonics will rent a makerspace at Park Innovaare for less sensitive processes that do not require advanced laboratory conditions, including the assembly and testing of prototypes and products.

Laser pulses – the shorter, the more precise

Ultra-short laser pulses with tailored properties are used in micromachining to develop innovative manufacturing methods. Laser devices and tools have undeniably gained a prominent role in both industry and science. Their applications include material processing in macro-scale operations such as cutting and welding, as well as micro-scale operations for surface structuring and the production of micro-precision objects like stents. Additionally, they form the basis for optical measurement systems crucial to Industry 4.0. TLD Photonics specialises in developing such lasers and systems – the shorter pulse duration enables higher peak power, leading to increased production precision in industrial applications and higher measurement resolution in scientific experiments.

Flexible and versatile: TLD Photonics’ laser excels in industrial and scientific applications

The versatility of laser applications extends across various industries, from consumer electronics to solar cell manufacturing, and even covers biomedical applications like implant structuring, surface treatments, microscopy, and telecommunications. « TLD Photonics’ lasers are suitable for both businesses and sciences. There are numerous scientific applications that require an ultrafast laser, including spectroscopy, THz generation, high-field physics, and the front-end for the Paul Scherrer Institute’s SwissFEL, Free-Electron Laser (FEL), » says Prof. Bojan Resan, CTO, and co-founder of TLD Photonics.

TLD Photonics Portrait:

TLD Photonics designs and manufactures high-end lasers and optical systems for industry and research. Our strong ties to leading Swiss universities allow us to develop groundbreaking products and through the extensive industrial experience of our team, we ensure that the real-world applications remain at the core our developments. Our vision is to offer our customers cutting edge solutions for every element of industrial laser applications.