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Upcoming start-up ecosystem - leadXpro and InterAx part of Fujitsu CaaS

Author: Daniela Muthreich
Fujitsu CaaS Park Innovaare and Member Companies
Fujitsu CaaS Park Innovaare and Member Companies

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leadXpro and Interax, two member companies of Park Innovaare joining the Fujitsu CaaS program. The Fujitsu CaaS (Fujitsu Computing as a Service) program launched in October 2022 with the goal of rapidly solving social issues in the areas of Web 3.0, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics by co-developing new use cases with innovative start-up companies in Japan and overseas. The plan is to build a start-up ecosystem that collaborates with global organizations that act as a hub between start-ups and enterprises. 

Advantage program & upcoming business ecosystem

The CaaS program provides research partners and enterprises with access to high-performance computing and quantum computing resources. Participating companies can thus use software applications or entire network systems in the above-mentioned area without having to worry about installation, maintenance and upgrades themselves. Furthermore, the program provides more opportunities for collaboration and the appropriate network of an upcoming business ecosystem. This is a good basis for innovation development.

What are leadXpro's goals with the CaaS program?

Quote, Denis Bucher, Head of Molecular Modeling and Design, leadXpro: «We aim to maximize the potential of leadXpro’s access to unique membrane protein structures by enhancing our computational capabilities using cloud computing. Our plan is to utilize software that demand significant computational power, such as Gromacs FEP, to exploit valuable structural information and accelerate the discovery of effective drug candidates. We would like to conduct a pilot study focusing on a single protein target (here a GPCR target of pharmaceutical relevance). If the design of molecules can be successfully carried out using in silico methods and integrated into the chemistry timelines, then expanding these approaches to other systems of interest would be straightforward. »

What is InterAx striving to achieve with the CaaS program?

Quote, Lucas Zenone, Co-Founder, CFO & COO InterAx Biotech: «We have a cutting-edge drug discovery platform that utilizes a unique combination of high throughput biochemical screening, artificial intelligence, and mathematical modeling of cell pathways. By processing and analyzing high density time-resolved datasets, our platform is designed to generate novel drugs triggering highly specific effects on the cellular response leading to high efficacy and safety, while reducing development timelines and minimizing risks. Together with Fujitsu we examine which computational workflows can be integrated into the CaaS and to which extend. We aim at an on demand computing solution which is flexible, scalable and cost efficient to meet our increasing computing needs in drug discovery.»