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Five member companies among candidates

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SITech4Impact facilitate the realisation of innovation projects

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Switzerland Innovation #SITech4Impact promotes the development of ground-breaking projects that focus on real market applications by supporting research groups of Swiss universities, startups, and SMEs collaborating with research partners. Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare is proud to announce that 5 of our member companies, spin-offs from Paul Scherrer Institut and ETH, have submitted their project proposals:

SiCinFLAME by SenSiC: The goal of the SICinFLAME project is to develop a new high dose-rate (FLASH) Radiotherapy monitoring system based on an ultrathin-membrane solid-state technology.

 AI-enabled Brain Imaging by Qnami: Develop quantum and AI technologies to diagnose early-stage neurodegenerative disease with a long-term vision towards treatment.

 Precision Parasiticides Drug Discovery by NA Drug Discovery: Precision Parasiticides to cure parasitic diseases like malaria and coccidiosis by using our proprietary Parasite Drug Discovery Platform.

A total-body PET-scanner based on novel detection technology by Terapet SA: Terapet's unique gamma-ray detection technology offers a cost-effective and simultaneous imaging of the entire body at unprecedented resolution.

DUPLET by @Picasso: A data analysis software solution enabling diagnostic PET imaging in oncology for multiple cancer types simultaneously for the first time.

Out of all submissions, six projects will be selected and awarded a 1-year grant of up to CHF 85’000 each to realize their vision.

Best of luck and success to all contestants and stay tuned for the results!