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10th Anniversary of Excelsus Structural Solutions

Excelus 10th Anniversary Park Innovaare
Excelsus 10th Anniversary

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Seize the opportunity to meet synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction experts

Save the date: on 20-21 October Excelsus Structural Solutions celebrates its 10th anniversary with exciting workshops, individual expert exchanges, tours to the Paul Scherrer Institute’s large facilities, and a big birthday party.

10 years go by fast. Excelsus Structural Solutions (ESS) was founded in March 2012 as a spin-off of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and is one of our Member Companies from Park Innovaare. ESS was born with the aim of creating a bridge between the complex synchrotron radiation-based instrumentation and methodology and the industry with focus on pharmaceutical applications. It offers easy and affordable access to unique Synchrotron-based characterization tools developed at PSI that ESS further suited to the pharmaceutical world, to enhance the selection,development, and manufacturing of high-quality pharmaceutical products. For this year's company anniversary, the team around Fabia Gozzo, CEO and founder, has planned an exciting program not to be missed.

Meet and greet – program

The first day starts with an exciting and free-of-charge opportunity to test ESS analytical services and scientific consultancy and meet face-to-face an ESS scientist to discuss the experimental results obtained on a few test samples that you would provide prior to the meeting (a mutual Confidential Disclosure Agreement to be signed prior to the test).

In parallel to this session guided tours to the Swiss Light Source, Neutron Spallation Source, and Swiss FEL are also offered. Two half-days will then be devoted to an interesting workshop around the topic: Polymorphism of Pharmaceuticals and Advanced analytical techniques for its characterization in the pharmaceutical industry. The first half-day will focus on polymorphism and methods and the second devoted to the presentation of significant industrial case studies using synchrotron-XRPD and complementary techniques.

Finally, on the last half-day, the birthday party takes place as a special highlight and rounds off perfectly the event with music, food, and drinks.

This event will be a great opportunity to celebrate the foundation of Excelsus Structural Solutions with a Team of experts of synchrotron science with many years of experience in ab-initio structural solution, qualitative and quantitative phase analysis applied to pharmaceuticals who assist you in the definition of the best strategy to tackle your specific problem, the conception of the appropriate experimental plan and the development and realization of it. ESS Team takes care of sample preparation, the definition of the most appropriate experimental conditions and protocol, data collection, reprocessing, analysis, and interpretation, and deliver a detailed experimental report that suits your specific needs, as defined by you.

Registration will be free but mandatory. More information will be available here ( For specific questions please contact Dr. Zoppi (