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Switzerland Innovation Tech4impact initiative

Switzerland Innovation TECH4IMPACT Sustainability

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The objective of the “Switzerland Innovation Tech4Impact Initiative” is to facilitate the development of ground-breaking innovation projects. Tech4Impact aims to promote innovative projects that address the most pressing environmental and societal challenges and focus on selected themes of the UN 2030 Agenda (SDGs) for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) are to be achieved globally and by all UN member states by 2030. This means that all states are equally called upon to work together to solve the world's pressing challenges.

Call for proposals runs until 07.07.2022.

Researchers, startups or SMEs working with an academic partner and currently developing a project that addresses one of the selected SDGs can apply for a CHF 85,000 grant @swissinno @E4STech4Impact

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Switzerland as a driver of innovation

As one of the world's leading innovation countries, Switzerland has the opportunity to make its unique technological know-how and innovation skills available to society by supporting entrepreneurial solutions that have the potential to achieve a sustainable impact in a comprehensive sense, i.e. in economic, environmental and social terms.

Through the Switzerland Innovation Parks network, the partners of this initiative receive direct added value and visibility through the projects supported, the annual demonstration event (Demo Day) and through preferential access to the network's ecosystem.

Switzerland Innovation is a network of six innovation parks across Switzerland, based on a joint initiative of public institutions, universities and the private sector, with a legal mandate from the federal government. Together with its partners, Switzerland Innovation forms an ecosystem that accelerates the translation of research results into marketable products and services.