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XRnanotech - new Member Company

XRnanotech at Park Innovaare, cheers member company
Team XRnanotech, Florian Gegier & Dr. Alexander Schavkan from Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

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We are pleased to have XRnanotech, the leading Swiss manufacturer of X-ray optics, as an innovative member company in our ecosystem. The high-tech spin-off emerged after more than ten years of research and development at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

The high-tech-spin-off develops nanostructured X-ray optics for scientific research, engineering, and medical applications. XRnanotech's goal is to bring breakthrough innovations in this technology field to the market. For example, the high-tech-spin-off addresses the global need for advanced X-ray optics in microscopy and is committed to using its knowledge and innovation to make the nanoworld more visible - to enable insights into viruses, proteins, and nanostructured transistors. XRnanotech has already won its first customers and the BIC of CERN Technology Entrepreneurship prize in 2020.

The picture shows the XRnanotech team and Dr. Alexander Schavkan from Park Innovaare during a ceremony - the company sign was installed at our site last week.