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Expansion of international cooperation

Mexikanische Delegation, Team Park Innovaare und PSI, Belichtung SLS

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After the signing of the contract between Mexican representatives of the State of Hidalgo and our Member Company Accelerator Technology, we welcomed last week again visitors from Mexico. Not only the Governor H.E. Omar Fayad from the State of Hidalgo but also Dr. Javier Davila-Torres, Director General of the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation and Development and Dr. Jose Mustre, Director General of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies ensured a cooperative exchange. Florian Gegier, Key Account Manager Park Innovaare and PhD Martin Grossmann and PhD Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, both from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, guided the guests around the site and provided further insights into the world of photon science during the visit to the Swiss Light Source, SLS.

It was a special honor for us to welcome high-ranking state representatives from Mexico. We are sure that the second visit from Mexico contributed to the strengthening of relations and that the course has been set for successful cooperation.