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Topping out ceremony Innovationscampus Park Innovaare: 38'000 square meters for eternity

Author: Nina Müller
The keynote speakers at the topping out ceremony/ Innovationcampus Park Innovaare
The keynote speakers at the topping out ceremony / Innovationcampus Park Innovaare

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Topping out ceremony Innovationcampus Park Innovaare: 38'000 square meters for eternity

On September 24, Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare celebrated the topping-out ceremony of its new Innovation Campus together with more than 300 guests from science, business, construction and politics. The new research and development building is 38,000 m2 in size and consists of two seven-story buildings connected by a large, temperature-stable and vibration-free clean room.

The Innovation Campus will house research departments of large companies, SMEs and start-ups, as well as two departments of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, namely the Photon Science department and the Engineering and Coordination department, which will occupy about 65% of the total area of the Innovation Campus. Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare is already home to 17 high-tech companies and works closely with the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

Committed keynote speakers

Dieter Egli, Director of Economic Affairs at Canton Aargau, welcomed the guests with a speech in which he first explained that the Innovaare Park and its expansion were a matter close to his heart. Then he emphasized the great importance of the new research and innovation building for the entire region. Dieter Egli, who was a member of the Aargau Grand Council for 18 years before his appointment this year as Director of Economic Affairs and the Interior, recalled the history of industrial pioneers in Switzerland and especially in the canton of Aargau. Switzerland still has a leading role in research, Egli explained, but the lead is shrinking. Politicians therefore have the task of giving innovation the necessary freedom. Egli recalled that the parliament had just approved the "Hightech Aargau" program. 

In his speech, the new Chairman of the Board of innovAARE AG, Dr. Christian Brönnimann, emphasized with regard to the four-year construction period of the innovation campus that in Switzerland everything often takes a little longer, but then the projects are sustainable and work. "I am impressed by how quickly the huge construction site of the Innovation Campus is progressing," he said. 

Danilo Zampieri, head of real estate for investor Coop Pensionskasse (not pictured), cited the long-term potential in PSI's charisma, the innovative strength of Aargau industry, the uniqueness of the site and the expandability of the Park Innovaare project as reasons for CPC/CAP Coop Pensionskasse's commitment to Park Innovaare in Villigen.

Benno Rechsteiner, CEO of Park Innovaare, was pleased about the rapidly growing expansion of Park Innovaare. "In the future", he stated, "the innovation campus will be home to 700 high-tech workplaces."

The speakers from left to right: Kilian Rolli, Head of Engineering & Coordination, Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, Dr. Gabriel Aeppli, Head of Photon Division, PSI, Dieter Egli, Director of Economic Affairs and the Interior, Canton of Aargau, Dr. Christian Brönnimann, Chairman of the Board of Park Innovaare, Dr. Benno Rechsteiner, CEO Park Innovaare, Prof. Dr. Christian Rüegg, Director Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, Daniel Leber, Overall Project Manager Construction Innovation Campus, ERNE Holzbau AG (not in picture: Danilo Zampieri, Head of Real Estate, CPV/CAP Coop Pension Fund)