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Park Innovaare Innovation Campus: Mock-up model in place

Author: Nina Müller
Mock-up on Park Innovaare Construction Site
Park Innovaare Mock-up

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Park Innovaare Innovation Campus: Great construction progress & Mock-up model in place

Construction work on the Park Innovaare innovation campus, which began in November 2019, is progressing very well. In the meantime, the construction progress is clearly visible. The Innovation Campus consists of two main buildings (A1 and B1), in which entire floors as well as individual offices and laboratory spaces will be rented out. A1 and B1 are connected by a passageway on the first floor.

Next Milestones

The next milestones are as follows: By the end of March, the ceiling of the 2nd floor in building A1 will be completed, and the ceiling of the 1st floor of building B1. Both buildings will contain a total of seven floors. The shell of the clean room hall has already been completed. In addition, the general contractor ERNE AG is currently also working in parallel on the underground car park of the Innovation Campus, on the ceiling on the one hand and on the entrance on the other. It is planned to celebrate the topping-out ceremony in autumn 2021. 

Mock-up on the Innovation Campus construction site

For two weeks now, a so-called "mock-up" has been standing on the construction site of the Innovation Campus Park Innovaare. This is a small demonstration building that replicates the components to be built for the Innovation Campus in a 1:1 ratio: among other things, two different façade samples in two different colours have been attached to the small house, as well as two different PV samples that show the planned solar panels in two optical variants, as overall project manager Daniel Leber of ERNE AG explains. 

The type of windows and blinds that will be installed in the Innovaare park are also shown. "In the course of the project, various floor and wall coverings will also be shown inside the mock-up," explains the real estate manager Pascal Lüthi from Park Innovaare. "The aim of the mock-up is to see and examine the products in reale conditions and make any adjustments before the components are ordered and installed." Due to the costs, such a demonstration model is usually only used for larger buildings and more complex components.