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Another collaboration for better drug discovery.
Another collaboration for better drug discovery.

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Axxam SpA and leadXpro AG announce this week a collaboration for the discovery of novel small molecule lead compounds for a newly discovered GPCR involved in inflammatory processes.

In the collaboration, Axxam, a leading provider of integrated discovery services across Life Sciences industries, and leadXpro, a lead discovery company focusing on membrane protein drug targets, will combine their expertise in assay development, high throughput screening, membrane protein generation, structure determination and application of biophysical methods to investigate the interaction of small molecule ligands with challenging membrane protein drug targets to facilitate the discovery and optimization of novel lead molecules.

Professor Dr. Michael Hennig, CEO leadXpro AG, said: “We’re excited to complement our capabilities on structure-based drug discovery with the strength of Axxam in assay development and screening. The funding support from Eurostars significantly facilitates this collaboration between the companies.”

"The recently discovered GPCR needs joint effort to identify bioactive small molecules able to modulate it, " explains Chiara Liberati, Director Discovery Research Axxam. "The complementary skill sets of both companies in the GPCR field are necessary to fully explore the therapeutic potential of this fascinating target.”

We congratulate leadXpro with this new collaboration and wish both compaies success in realising this project.