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Innovation needs an organized anarchy

Dr. Hubert Zimmermann (VRP innovAARE AG) and Prof.  Daniel Kündig (CEO innovAARE AG)
Dr. Hubert Zimmermann (VRP innovAARE AG) and Prof. Daniel Kündig (CEO innovAARE AG)

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By Daniel Kündig, CEO innovAARE AG and Dr. Hubert Zimmermann, VRP innovAARE AG.

Innovation can not be planned. Recent insights show that successful products and solutions are almost never developed in a linear fashion from science to market.

A successful innovation process goes hand in hand with repeated feedback, situational problem solving, the courage to cross the border between disciplines and the ability to apply the same solution pattern in a different context. An extremely productive state needs personal interaction, hard work and – last but not least – a good portion of luck, but the emergence of such a state should not be misunderstood as a coincidence. This ecosystem is much better described as an “organized anarchy”.

This is why we need dedicated spaces with high scientific potential where it is possible to identify, develop and challenge new ideas in a radical manner. For locations like this to be successful, a critical mass of scientific and entrepreneurial excellence is an essential success factor. PARK INNOVAARE provides such an environment. In the years to come, it is expected to become a globally leading center for innovations in the fields of accelerator technology, advanced materials and processes, human health, and energy. As long as innovations show a link to the particle accelerator technologies of Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), they find the best development conditions at PARK INNOVAARE.

A project like this requires the strong support of proactive innovators, i.e. high-tech companies with a vital interest in a strong cantonal and Swiss innovation base that are eager to participate in the development of PARK INNOVAARE and want to be actively involved in this process.