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Within the space of a few months, plans for the deliveryLAB were drawn up, submitted, and approved, and the building was constructed from scratch. It opened in September 2015. The building houses high-quality offices and communication spaces across 400 square meters, and offers businesses and research groups the opportunity to reside in close proximity to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). As the main building of PARK INNOVAARE, it also serves as the central information and contact point for interested companies, the media, and the public, and is a window into the future of PARK INNOVAARE.

deliveryLAB - the first building of PARK INNOVAARE

deliveryLAB is a modern two-storey wooden building, located in the western areal of the Paul Scherrer Institute, in front of the PSI’s auditorium.

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New Campus

The first development phase will see the construction of buildings with 35,000 square meters of floor space. According to current plans, the buildings will be available for occupancy in 2022.

This space will be suitable for wet chemistry, biology, physical, and technical laboratories, as well as workshops and offices. In addition, generous spaces for collaborative work, meetings, conferences, and recreation will be added. The new buildings will also be directly connected to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) site via an underpass.

New Campus

PSI Facilities

The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) already has a comprehensive infrastructure, including a convention and conference building with an auditorium (seating capacity: 250 persons) and guest houses. The planned buildings will be an expansion of the existing infrastructure and establish a creative environment conductive to innovation.


PARK INNOVAARE is designed to be a long-term project. All the planning and layout requirements have been finalized for the construction of the network location and its possible future expansion. Planning and development can be carried out in such a way that PARK INNOVAARE will still satisfy the requirements for an innovation hub 30 years from now.

The municipality of Villigen has a site measuring 5.5 hectares that is ready to be built upon and is situated directly next to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) site. It supplements the designated PSI area of currently 30.7 hectares. In immediate proximity to the PSI, there are reserve areas of around 22.9 hectares. These areas are set to be excluded in the current revision of the structural plan. In the long term, the terrain can be enlarged by another 20.5 hectares. The conditions for a long-term project have thus been fulfilled in terms of spatial planning.

Therefore, over 500,000 square meters of space are available for the settlement of high-tech companies that work together with the PSI and use its facilities and technologies. This is an important factor in PARK INNOVAARE’s further development and a valuable contribution to the sustainable future of the region, the Canton of Aargau, and Switzerland.