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High-tech companies learned first-hand about PARK INNOVAARE

More than 15 representatives from 12 of high-tech SMEs attended PARK INNOVAARE’s Info-Apéro 5th April 2016.
More than 15 representatives from 12 of high-tech SMEs attended PARK INNOVAARE’s Info-Apéro 5th April 2016.

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PARK INNOVAARE-Management, existing shareholders and spin-off-companies already operating at PARK INNOVAARE informed potential new shareholders about current developments.

On Tuesday, 5th April 2016, an information event was held at deliveryLAB for those interested in joining PARK INNOVAARE and willing to know more about the advantages of becoming its shareholder. Representatives from a dozen high-tech SMEs from the region and Cantons nearby gathered on-site, in order to listen to success story of PARK INNOVAARE delivered to date.

Interesting insights into pharmaceutical research.

Extremely interesting insights into the perspectives of a pharma spin-off came from Michael Hennig, a former Global Head of Discovery Technologies at Roche with more than 20 years of experience in drug discovery. His company, leadXpro, was recently founded and is today one of the first start-ups operating at PARK INNOVAARE. „The close cooperation with the Paul Scherrer Institute and PARK INNOVAARE allows us to better understand membrane proteins’ structure. Our research will help in creation of new drugs fighting life threating diseases”, explained Professor Hennig his motivation to start the company exactly here.

The proximity provides a clear advantage in the daily work as well as for the companies marketing. The research that leadXpro conducts at SwissFEL will help in creation of new drugs against life threating diseases. Membrane proteins are an important drug target and the demand among pharmaceutical companies is constantly growing. “It is a billion-dollar market and we are determined to become a part of it”, said Professor Hennig.

C. Brönnimann (DECTRIS AG): “Opportunities for every high-tech company.”

Dr. Christian Brönnimann, CEO DECTRIS AG, broadened the perspective. His company, formerly emerging from the PSI and still closely interconnected, has become now a technology leader in X-Ray detection thanks to the relationship with the PSI. He is certain that “the cooperation with the PSI opens new opportunities for every high-tech company”.

E. Wertmueller (Ferrum AG): “Proximity to innovation clusters cannot be underestimated.”

“Here the research results can and should be turned into innovative products and solutions” insisted then Ernst Werthmueller, CEO Ferrum AG. Of course the engagement in PARK INNOVAARE was partly philanthropically driven, but in the end its the access to innovations and to the clusters enabling them is the decisive factor for companies like Ferrum for being here.