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Funding your technology project: PARK INNOVAARE presents some options

14 representatives from different industries and future entrepreneurs took part in the event.
14 representatives from different industries and future entrepreneurs took part in the event.

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Often, access to funding is the only thing standing in the way of an idea becoming an innovation. Today, at PARK INNOVAARE, we tackle this problem by providing companies with an overview of selected funding instruments. For the third time this autumn, experts shared their knowledge in obtaining funding for high-tech projects.

It is not easy to bring an idea to the market – and this is not due to a lack of ideas. It is crucial for companies, start-ups and SMEs in particular to get access to funding instruments. But how do you choose which way to go and where to concentrate your efforts? The instruments have different purposes, and complicated application and decision-making processes sometimes make it difficult to obtain the financial support needed.

To assist companies in this challenge, PARK INNOVAARE has launched a new info event allowing participants to learn more about some of the funding opportunities available – especially non-dilutive ones such as the SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) from Horizon 2020, the Federal Guarantee of Switzerland Innovation, or the Business Angel Club Aargau.

SME Instrument experts m27 and Inspiralia, with a success rate of over 60%, not only explain the program and its pitfalls (read more on our blog) but also pre-evaluate the project for a potential application in one-to-one sessions. In addition, Florian Gautschi from Aargau Services Standortförderung shares some tips on how to win investors’ attention and be successful in raising money with the Business Angels.

This past info-event was the third one of its kind to have taken place at PARK INNOVAARE. If you would like to learn more about the event or sign up for the next session, please contact us at or visit our event page. The next event will be scheduled soon.