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Excelsus, InterAx, nomoko and novoMOF nominated for TOP 100 STARTUP AWARD

Vote for one of PARK INNOVAARE's start-ups and help them to win TOP 100 STARTUP AWARD
Vote for one of PARK INNOVAARE's start-ups and help them to win TOP 100 STARTUP AWARD

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Each year, launches the TOP 100 STARTUP AWARD. From over 100,000 young companies, the 100 most innovative and promising Swiss start-ups are picked by top start-up experts. In 2017, four start-ups from PARK INNOVAARE’s environment – InterAx Biotech AG, nomoko AG, Excelsus AG and novoMOF AG – are running for the award.

The profiles of 100 start-ups, selected by the experts (from business angel networks, investor platforms, coaching programs etc.) and through an open vote, will be published in a special edition of the Handelszeitung, the most renowned Swiss business and economy weekly newspaper and as such an important source of information for many Swiss investors.

This year, four companies from PARK INNOVAARE’s ecosystem have a chance to become one of top 100 Swiss most promising start-ups and to compete for the award:

InterAx Biotech AG, a spin-off from the ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), is building a unique drug discovery platform for identification of functionally selective G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) drug candidates. Its unique drug discovery platform will dramatically reduce costs for the development of novel GPCR drugs with reduced side effects, thereby benefiting patients with unmet medical needs.

novoMOF AG is a technology company in the field of advanced materials with focus on synthesis and production of metal-organic frameworks (MOF). MOFs are novel materials that offer competitive applications in various industrial sectors. For instance, charging times of batteries can be reduced to minutes, the lifetime of packaged food can be prolonged or gases such as carbon dioxide can be separated, purified or stored.

Nomoko AG has developed the technology to capture sub-centimeter 3D models of entire cities. One of the applications is the use for autonomous driving simulations and training. Their technology is based around a gigapixel camera they developed together with the 3D reconstruction pipeline capable of handling petabyte level 3D data processing. The company was already among TOP 100 Swiss start-ups last year.

Excelsus combines the experience of highly qualified scientists with a strong customer-oriented cultureand overcomes the challenge to offer easy and affordable access to synchrotron characterization techniques to the (bio)pharmaceutical industry. More specifically, ESS team engages actively to solve customers’ problems by complementing their conventional analysis techniques with advanced synchrotron-radiation x-ray powder diffraction measurements.