Room for inspiration: more space for Excelsus’s growing team

A housewarming with colleagues from Swiss Light Source (SLS) and PARK INNOVAARE.
A housewarming with colleagues from Swiss Light Source (SLS) and PARK INNOVAARE.

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Innovation Areas


Excelsus Structural Solutions (Swiss) AG, one of the resident companies at PARK INNOVAARE, moved to new, bigger offices in November to accommodate its growing team.

On November 2, a chilly afternoon, it was even more pleasant to enter the new offices of Excelsus Structural Solutions (Swiss AG) after having hung the company’s nameplate on the outside wall of the building. Secured by PARK INNOVAARE, the building in the west area of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) now accommodates the company’s growing team. The site, located a five-minute walk away from the Swiss Light Source (SLS), is a perfect base for the company.

Excelsus Structural Solutions was founded five years ago by Dr. Fabia Gozzo, a former PSI beamline scientist. The company offers fast, easy and affordable access to state-of-the-art characterization tools for the structural and microstructural analysis of materials (pharmaceuticals, food and aroma compounds, pigments, polymers as well as various other chemicals) and for the selection, development, and manufacturing of high-quality products. Excelsus’s core activities are based on unique high-resolution, in-situ and time-resolved Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction (S-XRPD), which was developed at PSI and is acknowledged worldwide – which is why the close proximity to the SLS is of the highest importance to the company.

PARK INNOVAARE still has some office and lab space available either for the expansion of its resident companies or for new companies. For more information, please click here.