Lighting ceremony of the PARK INNOVAARE symbol & groundbreaking of the new innovation campus.
Lighting ceremony of the PARK INNOVAARE symbol & groundbreaking of the new innovation campus.

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Today, PARK INNOVAARE steps into a new era. Accompanied by more than 200 guests including partners, shareholders, and key politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs, PARK INNOVAARE broke the ground to the construction of its new innovation campus. An investment of 155 CHF million by CPV/CAP Coop Pension Fund has brought this construction project to fruition.

The event took place across the street from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in a large outdoor party tent, with a live jazz band and a standing dinner reception. A lighting ceremony of the PARK INNOVAARE symbol launched the after-party.

Speakers included Martina Hirayama (State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation), Urs Hofmann (Head of Canton Aargau’s Economy & Internal Affairs Department), Remo Lütolf (President of innovAARE AG’s Board of Directors), Benno Rechsteiner (CEO innovAARE AG), Thierry Strässle (Director a.i. of Paul Scherrer Institut PSI), Erich Erne (President of ERNE Holding AG’s Board of Directors), René Probst (Mayor of Villigen).  

Located in the vicinity of PSI which provides unique state-of-the-art research facilities, PARK INNOVAARE innovation campus will allow tech companies to develop and expand inside a flourishing innovation ecosystem. With access to cutting-edge expertise, high-value networking possibilities in the scientific and industrial community, entrepreneurs will benefit from with an attractive portfolio of service offerings. 

Construction management company ERNE AG will carry out the impressive building project. The new buildings – complete with approximately 23,000 m2 of high-end offices, co-working spaces, workshop halls, laboratories, clean and vibration-free rooms, among other features – will be ready to welcome high-tech start-ups, SMEs, and big corporations at the end of 2023. The companies will be co-located with Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, the main leaser.

For further information, make sure to check our website and social media platforms tomorrow and in the coming week.