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To accelerate innovation in the areas of fuel cells, batteries and mechanical components, thereby contributing to the future of sustainable mobility.

In partnership with our geographical neighbor the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, we provide researchers and entrepreneurs with ongoing support in interdisciplinary scientific collaboration, technology transfer, networking and business development.

Overview of PSI facilities relevant to automotive R&D

Accelerating Innovation in Fuel Cells, Batteries & Mechanical Components


Fuel Cells

Experts agree that affordable fuel-cell vehicles, suitable for everyday use, will be commonplace in the near future. Researchers at PSI not only study materials to further develop cutting-edge fuel cell solutions, but also test complete fuel cell systems within vehicles.


While PSI is working to improve battery concepts already on the market, it is also focusing on future technologies that could appear on the market in the coming 10 or 20 years.

Fuel Cell Battery © Surapol Usanakul – stock.adobe.com


In-Operation, Non-Destructive Analytics

Neutrons and X-rays offer a unique possibility for non-destructive investigation of mechanical components. As they interact with materials differently, these two analytical methods facilitate the extraction of complementary data.

Mechanical Automotive Components © unlimit3d – stock.adobe.com


Are you developing the future of sustainable mobility? Are you a scientist or entrepreneur in the areas of fuel cells, EV batteries, analytics of mechanical components... ?

Would you like to establish your startup, SME or the R&D department of your large enterprise in Switzerland, next to the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, our country's largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences?

Then we have the infrastructure and facilities you need to support you in furthering your innovation goals.

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