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Accelerator technology - an enabler of innovation

The Zyklotron COMET: the technology used for proton therapy cancer treatment at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.
The Zyklotron COMET: the technology used for proton therapy cancer treatment at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

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During an information event for partners and shareholders on Thursday, 14th April 2016, at PARK INNOVAARE: deliveryLAB, Dr. Udo Klein gave a presentation on the commercial aspects of the accelerator technology and its application in research and industry.

Here are some insights into the world of accelerator technology from Dr. Udo Klein, CEO Advanced Accelerator Technologies (AAT) AG, one of the very first high-tech companies founded at PARK INNOVAARE. Its aim is to commercialize the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI’s outstanding know-how and expertise in constructing and operating large accelerator-based facilities. AAT is an initiative of the PSI and five industrial partners: Ampegon AG, Heinz Baumgartner AG, Axilon AG, Cosylab d.d. and VDL ETG.

PARK INNOVAARE: What types of accelerators exist and what are they?
Dr. Udo Klein: Accelerator stands for any kind of installation that accelerates particles from energy A to energy B. Its size is essentially determined by the energy needed for a specific application or an experiment. However, it is not always the goal to achieve the highest energy. In case of proton therapy, for example, the beam produced by an accelerator should be very precise.

AAT seeks to commercialize the PSI's know-how in constructing and operating accelerator-based facilities. Who are your target clients?
Our primary target clients are research institutions and specialized industries all over the world.

How do you operate right now during the business development phase?
Together with the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and our industrial partners we systematically evaluate the PSI’s know-how and expertise, as well as current projects, with respect to the market and the demand. AAT regularly visits conferences and workshops dedicated to the subject to reach out to the community world-wide.

When will you present your first prototype or conceptual study?
We hope to start our first concrete projects in 2016.

Are you currently recruiting?
Not at the moment. We will start our recruiting process as soon as we have established our business cases and are about to start our first projects.

Are there any projects you can tell us about?
One of our first projects is a compact accelerator light source for semiconductor application that will fit in a large room.


The global market for accelerator and related technologies is very dynamic. The demand for large accelerator technology-based facilities among research centers and in different industries is growing progressively. The total systems market including their applications represents a volume of approximately USD 4 to 5 billion. Today there are 35,000 accelerator based installations around the world and 1’700 new units are being added each year.

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