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Five candidates to join the Swiss BIC of CERN Technologies incubation program

The high-tech entrepreneurship competition is going to Phase II
The high-tech entrepreneurship competition is going to Phase II | @Markus Spiske Unslpash

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The Swiss Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of CERN Technologies entrepreneurship program is going to Phase II. Out of nearly 20 candidates from Switzerland and abroad, the five best projects have been invited to develop a business plan for their innovative idea incorporating CERN’s IP.

To facilitate access to accelerator technology expertise and encourage the industry to use the solutions developed at research centers such as CERN and the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland, an entrepreneurship program – the Swiss Business Incubation Centre BIC of CERN Technologies – was launched in 2018. SecuraXis SA became its first incubatee, building novel acoustic sensors for smart cities using CERN’s modular control and monitoring system “C2MON”.

This year, nearly 20 high-tech start-ups from seven different countries applied for the program. Coming from different industries such as energy and environment, life science, fintech, medtech, biotech, aerospace, industry 4.0 and event marine sports, the applicants have proven the multipolarity of accelerator technologies and their potential applications.

On July 31, 2019, Phase I of the competition was completed. Five projects were selected to proceed to Phase II based on their IP requirements and market potential:

  • A project building radiation-hardened converters for space applications.
  • A project striving to improve air quality by carefully monitoring cancerogenic gas concentration.
  • A project Innovations, developing a drone-based patrolling and surveillance system.
  • A project developing hardware-agnostic software and quantum algorithms for finance, insurance, and energy.
  • A project aiming to improve the monitoring of dose delivery in proton therapy.

The candidates will now have six weeks to draft a comprehensive business plan to pitch to the Selection Committee, which will name the winner or winners of the 2019 Swiss BIC of CERN Technologies program.