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To implement ideas successfully, despite the unlimited possibilities of modern telecommunications, it is still crucial that academic and industrial research remain in close proximity to one another. PARK INNOVAARE acts as an interface for industrial collaborations with the leading research institutions, out-of-the-box thinking start-ups and spin-offs, and high-tech companies. By bringing together scientists and entrepreneurs under one roof, we foster a continuous exchange of ideas that leads to the development of new products and services.

On the campus of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI with its thousands of researchers and postdocs, up-and-coming technologies and latest discoveries, PARK INNOVAARE is embedded in the constantly growing innovation ecosystem of the canton of Aargau. Companies established here are forming a fast-growing community of highly specialized service providers and technology leaders.


Located on the western areal of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, the deliveryLAB complex is serving as the first PARK INNOVAARE site until construction of the new campus is completed. It includes a modern two-story wooden building that houses high-quality, fully equipped offices and communication spaces, co-working areas, laboratories, and industrial pilot facilities. Since 2015, deliveryLAB has been hosting several companies working closely with the Institute, offering conference and event space, and serving as a central information and contact point for interested entrepreneurs, the media, and the public.

Rental opportunities

Interested companies can rent:

  • Offices (up to five working desks)
  • Space in a co-working area
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Event rooms
  • Laboratories

It is also possible to rent the office facilities for permanent or temporary use. The on-site services are designed to enable resident companies to concentrate on their core business. Our dedicated team of staff with access to extensive technical equipment makes the settlement process easier.

For further information and availability, please contact



The first development phase of PARK INNOVAARE will see the construction of buildings with 35,000 square meters of floor space. Of that, about 23,000 square meters will be leasable areas, including: 

  • Over 10,000 square meters that will be reserved for workshops and special laboratories (physics, wet chemistry, and biology)
  • 1,300 square meters for clean rooms grades ISO5 and ISO6
  • A prototype upscale area

In addition, the new buildings will be vibration-free, allowing for the realization of projects requiring extreme precision and controlled environment. They will thus offer the best lab and office conditions for industrial research and development projects.

The new campus will also include on-site collaborative space, meeting and conference rooms, and recreational areas. It will also be directly connected to the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI site via an underpass.

Rental opportunities:

  • Laboratories (biology, chemistry, physics, photonics)
  • Workshop space
  • Space in a shared laboratory
  • Offices
  • Space in a co-working area
  • Conference rooms
  • Event rooms
  • Storage rooms

According to current plans, the buildings will be available for occupancy in early 2023. For further information and availability, please contact

Excavation for the expansion of Park Innovaare



The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI already has comprehensive research infrastructure that includes several large research facilities, biology and chemistry laboratories, and offices. It also has a convention and conference building with an auditorium (seating capacity: 250 people) and guesthouses. The buildings planned for expanding the existing infrastructure will establish a creative environment conducive to innovation.

PSI facilities